Copy, that’s the text, the words, or if you will, the marketing blurb, can be the difference between business success and failure. Like its bedfellows, logo and graphic design, illustration and website building, copywriting is a vital component of brand building and communication. Lennon and McCartney worked together, so why, in almost two decades of writing copy, have I found that so often the words come last?

Lennon and McCartney had it right

Good copy makes your brand shine so get a copywriter involved at the ideas phase of your campaign or project alongside the graphic designer and make sure they work well together. When designers and copywriters have ‘a chemistry’ they can create wonders. I compare it to the partnership between Lennon and McCartney; ideas are bounced between two minds that look at the world differently. Rhyme and reason is challenged, imagination is inspired and a beautifully crafted piece that has perfect appeal to a wide audience is produced. All you need is love (or at least a good working relationship).

So why is copy treated as the forgotten poor relation to these other aspects of brand building and marketing. Ironically, it’s because copywriting as a profession struggles to sell itself. There is a lack of understanding of what good copywriting can achieve in terms of sales and market share growth, and this is compounded by the fact that, unlike the other creative disciplines, there are few technical or skill barriers preventing someone from attempting to write copy – we’re all taught to write at school and anyone who can use MS Word or similar can produce a text document. Ever tried coding in PHP or creating artwork in Photoshop? It’s not so easily done.

Writing Vs copywriting

Just about everyone can write, but writing and copywriting are two different things. Writing is an art, copywriting is a business profession. An experienced copywriter sees your business, brand, products and services from a new perspective. They look from every possible angle, deconstruct component by component, analyse from the point of view of the people you sell to. When a copywriter fully understands what gives your brand its value and the benefits that make your products and services appealing to your customers, then the work can begin. You’ll be familiar with these phrases, ‘We don’t sell drills we sell holes’ and ‘Sell the sizzle not the sausage.’ Well this is exactly what we’re talking about here. A copywriter has a way of getting to the crux of what you’re all about to find the ‘X factor’. We use the right words, tone of voice and language style to reconstruct your core message and ensure it has a powerful ability to sell.

It takes raw talent, honed skills and learned experience to be able to do this, so please, if your business success is important to you, invest in the services of a copywriter to create your message and draft your corporate and marketing literature.

There’s another phrase you may know, ‘You can’t polish a turd,’ this is true, but a good copywriter will find compelling reasons why you should buy it!