It's a great time for marketing

It’s a great time for marketing

Advertising and traditional media still work in the digital age, but your opportunity to engage is shorter. Your target audience is spread across multiple media and your brand must be where they are. Use them all in your marketing or miss important people. Engage quickly, be brief, be subtle, be elegant – allow those that want it to discover more. Brand discovery makes the experience more personal and more memorable.

The mystery of social media unlocked

Have a business vision and determine your business purpose – know the reason your business exists and does what it does. Have strong beliefs and values that never change. Stick to this and you’ll uncover your brand personality. And then the mystery of social media is unlocked. Social media is not for telling people what you do, it’s for showing people who you are and why they should care. Be excited by your business or don’t do social media.

Every business is a publisher

You most important media outlet is your business – content is king and your business is now a publisher. Tell a story. Be honest and have integrity. Your market will find you through your content. Make sure you are offering what they want when they do. Brand control is more important than ever when you are the media. Every message you distribute, even a tweet, must represent your brand.

Be there to help

Don’t be an intrusion – don’t spam or pop-up – this will damage your brand. Believe in what you offer, feel that you are a means to help people find something great for them. If this comes across consistently and frequently through your content, customers will believe in you. Just be honest and easy to find.

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