As a copywriter that is actively selling my services, I’m often asked to explain a) what a copywriter does, b) why pay someone else to write – we all learned to write at school, so can’t anyone do it? Here is my response.

1 Using a copywriter saves time and money

Someone has to the write the marketing blurb that sells your products and services, whether it’s you or an employee. The time spent writing costs, so you’re not getting the job done for free. And presumably the person is there to do another job, so they’re being taken away from their focus – an opportunity could be missed. A copywriter saves you the time you would have to spend doing the job in-house, especially as a copywriter will probably get the job done in half the time it would take an inexperienced writer to do it in.

2 You’ll cover your costs many times over

The second point I make is the most important – a copywriter, with talent, skills and experience, will lift the quality of your promotional literature to vastly improve its performance. Think about it this way. If a sales letter written by a copywriter achieves 30% higher response rates than one written by a non-professional writer, as I know mine have, what is that worth? Does it cover the copywriting costs? When you consider that each new customer gained by that one sales letter is potentially worth thousands, or perhaps even millions, over their lifetime as a customer or client, you start to see how that 30% increase could be worth many many times more than the cost of having a copywriter write the sales letter. Which is probably no more than a few hundred pounds.

The same approach should be considered with email copy, website copy, brochure copy and advertising copy. The increased response rate is worth every penny and much more.

3 A job worth doing is worth doing well

Ultimately, if comes down to this; believe in the value of the marketing piece you are creating. See the value it can create and the sales increase it can achieve. If you truly believe it is worth doing, you will know that it is worth having a professional do it well.

If you would like to discuss a marketing piece you are creating, please get in touch, I’m always happy to help with ideas and advice.